Gecko Rooms. Two level Cabaña.(Dorm).

Bench, table and hammock with a lake view.Beds with a lakeside view and a deck.Two beds and a patio with a view over the lake.

The Gecko Rooms are two  large rooms, on two levels, they are directly on the lake, with amazing views.

The Gecko Rooms feature 10 single beds on two levels.

5 beds on each level.

Both rooms have  balconies, hammocks and a table and bench perfect for computer work.

Up to 10 people can be accommodated in the Gecko Rooms.

  • Includes use of lockers to store your belongings.
  • Perfect for individuals, families or groups.
  • Towels on request.(Q10/$1.25 charge).
  • Shared bathroom.
  • Hot water shower.
  • WIFI available in all rooms.
  • We have a laundry service, please ask at reception.
  • Free drinking water.
  • We are always flexible and happy to meet your personal requirements!


Beds  are rented at:

$13 for one night (Q95).

$11 per night : 2 to 6 nights  (Q80) .

$60 per week  (Q480). One night free.


 Christmas/New Year week. Easter week: 

$15 for one night (Q110).

 $13 per night: 2 to 6 nights (Q95).

 One week $78 (Q585). One night free.

Two beds and a large window with a lakeside view.A table and a hammock on a deck with a lakeside view.