How to get here

An image of lake Atitlan

Getting to Maya Moon Lodge

The easiest way to get here is from Panajachel. Take a shuttle or chicken bus to Panajachel, from there take a public boat going to San Marcos. We are just before San Marcos, just after Tzununá; tell the captain Maya Moon he will bring you to our private dock, cost 20q to 25q depending on luggage. You will arrive at the lake entrance.

Maya Moon, Lake Atitlán map

The alternative route is via San Marcos. This way is slightly more difficult; the road from the Panama highway is longer and uneven. You will arrive at the road entrance. Cars can be parked on the quiet road behind our property.

We do advise that you park your car in Panajachel, then take a boat here. The road from the Panama highway is only suitable for a 4 wheel drive car. The common and easier form of transport is by boat.

Shuttles can be taken directly to San Marcos la Laguna as well, from major destinations such as Antigua, Xela and the like. From San Marcos, a tuk-tuk can be taken directly to Maya Moon Lodge. We still advise going to Panajachel, then taking a boat here.

Maya Moon Lodge is happy to arrange private transit to and from the airport, as well as to or from other major destinations in the country.

Cost $120/900q directly from the airport to our road entrance with our reliable driver Manuel, you pay him directly.
Manuel will also pick you up in Antigua at your hotel and bring you directly to our road entrance cost 800q or return to Antigua.
$100/750q from the airport to Panajachel then a public or private boat to our  private dock.   Contact us for more information.

We can also arrange  public shuttle to and from the lodge from the airport they leave at 6am, 11am and 2pm, cost $25 to Panajachel via Antigua.

For accommodation in Panajachel before or after your stay at Maya Moon Lodge, we highly recommend

Maya Moon Lodge also has road access to Tzununá, San Marcos, San Pablo, San Juan and San Pedro.

Getting around Lake Atitlán

Small boats (called lanchas) are the main form of transport around the lake. Public lanchas run daily starting at 6.20 AM, and travel clockwise to most destinations around the lake. Lanchas leave from San Pedro (west side of the lake) and travel to Panajachel (east side of the lake), then return.

The order of stops is as follows: San Pedro, San Juan, San Marcos, Maya Moon Lodge, Tzununa, Jaibalito, Santa Cruz, and lastly Panajachel. You can expect a public boat to pass every twenty minutes at most villages around the lake.

We have a local tuk-tuk driver, Nacho, who lives nearby in Tzununá and will come any time to drive you wherever you would like to go. Nearby San Marcos, just a five minute ride away, has a variety of interesting shops, restaurants and many holistic businesses. There are also fruit and vegetable stands.

Private boat tours & trips

Private lanchas are available from most villages around Lake Atitlán to just about any other lake destination. Just ask us! We can help you arrange:

  • Tours of Lake Atitlán
  • Sunset boat tours & trips
  • Private boat tours tailor-made to suit individuals and groups
  • Direct transportation to any lake village or town, such as San Pedro, Santiago or Panajchel
  • Private boat tours around the lake shore

Need more information about Maya Moon Lodge, Lake Atitlán, or tours and transportation around the lake? Contact us for more information.