From Maya Moon Lodge’s private dock it is just a five minute boat ride or a twenty minute walk to the village of San Marcos La Laguna. Here you will find small shops, fruit stands, several restaurants, and numerous holistic treatments.

We can help arrange yoga lessons for our guests, simply ask reception. We highly recommend Doron and his yoga teachers, which is in Tzununa. For more information visit

Reception can arrange for a masseur to come to your room, Alicia from Tzununá is a very good masseur highly trained in 4 types of massage, she costs 350q for 1 hour or 450q for 90 minutes. She will set up her massage table in your room, making it a very relaxing experience. Reception will book the massage for you and give you more information.

Massage and Reiki session
Nearby masseurs and therapists ; There are many different masseurs and holistic therapists in San Marcos, be discerning in your choices, here are a few we highly recommend: 

The Holistic Cottage

The Holistic Cottage, run by Katherine Bird in San Marcos, is a great place to get a massage, receive therapy, and take holistic treatment courses.

Katherine is a long term therapist in San Marcos and is committed to the ideals that inspired the creation of the Holistic Center. The founding principle was that nobody should ever hear that there is “nothing more that we can do” when it comes to your health. There are always alternative therapies that can help when you get sick, and more importantly, prevent you from becoming ill. Katherine dedicates her time to helping and teaching people how to relax, and re-balance their body, mind, and spirit. She specializes in Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Creative Energy Work, Reiki, Kinesiology, and teaching courses in holistic therapies. Teaching is an integral part of her work as she believes in empowering each individual to take charge of their own lives, and specifically, their health.

For more information call The Holistic Cottage at +502 3183-7662, or find them on Facebook. You can also pass by the Holistic Cottage any time and write your name down for that day for a massage by Katherine.

Merrill Storm
Merrill Storm is a Renowned Crystal Theta and Medical Intuitive

Merrill Storm is a Renowned Crystal Theta and Medical Intuitive.

She has been a long term resident of San Marcos for 14 years, originally from South Africa

Highly recommended – Contact her for further information and to book a session

Her session are 3 – 5 hours – A Soul Reading is 3 hours and full session 5/6 hours.

Merrill offers Crystal Readings and Healing Sessions

Cost varies depending on needs of the client From 350q to 2500q ( USA dollar payments accepted)

Merrill and her husband Neil sell magnificent crystals from around the world.

Merrill also offers ;

The Khephera Advanced Crystal Healing Course : The Art of Reinventing Yourself.

Created by Merrill Storm who is a Renowned Crystal Theta and Medical Intuitive.

Contact Merrill to book a life changing session at ;
[email protected] Neil Merrill Storm – Facebook Whatsapp – +502 3746 3247

Myshelle Eilleen – Tarot and Guidance Sessions

Myshelle Eileen Guidance Sessions

Tarot is a tool that is used to support healing, growth and change. Sessions are unique for each individual and are intended to empower each person through confirmation, clarity and inspiration. A session can be particularly helpful when you are needing an objective and honest look at where you are at and why. A session will also provide advice for how to work towards your goals and intentions, while also highlighting what challenges, blocks and resistances are hindering your progress. My role in a reading is to act as a mediator between your conscious and subconscious with support and trust. My objective is to guide you towards your own truth while also providing an energetic boost of motivation and inspiration. Sessions can focus on a particular topic or question. We can also explore an overview of many areas if there is not a specific focus.
90min – 400q
Prices are for in person sessions here in San Marcos. Online sessions are also available at different rates. Please Dm for more information.

Each class series is tailored to the deck or decks the student wishes to work with. 

10hrs Tarot Theory 
Understanding the basic structure and how to connect with the cards

10hrs Card Exploration and Experience
How to explore the cards, build your experience and knowledge, and learn to trust your intuitive guidance

10hrs Spreads and Readings
How to read the cards logically and intuitively for yourself and others

22hrs Major Arcana in depth study
A personalized journey to learn how to connect, explore and read the Major Arcana

Each 10 hrs series is 5 classes of 2 hrs
The 22 hrs series is 11 classes of 2 hrs

Schedules are arranged according to desires of the student. We can move as fast or as slow as desired.

Cost for each 10hrs series:
1000q for 1 person

22hr Major Arcana Series:
2200q for 1 person

Classes can also be uniquely created to fit the needs and desires of the student. Different rates apply for different time commitments.

Group classes can also be arranged. Please DM for more details.

Online classes are also possible at different rates. Please DM for more information.

Tarot has been apart of Myshelles life for the past 25 years. “When I arrived in Guatemala about 16 years ago, I began to explore the cards through study and everyday practices of spiritual development, self realization, healing and magick. These practices and study have continued to be apart of my everyday life since then. About 9 years ago I began providing readings for other people and for about 6 years I have been teaching both one on one and group classes”